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Welcome to part five in our latest series of daily posts, brought to you by the team behind Remote Working Helpdesk.

 We have previously discussed the dos and don’ts of being a remote working micro-manager.

 For now, we want to change the subject.

 With more organizations than ever transitioning to a remote working and data protection model, several academic studies are being released on the subject.

 In one such study, it was revealed that there are eight major skills needed in order to successfully work remotely.




We have written extensively on the importance of having empathy as a manager in a remote working environment.

 But empathy is a skill that is beneficial for everyone to have.

 As we said before, most of our communication is done through non-verbal cues.

 In a remote working environment, this is something that is just not possible.

 Because of this, you must try to develop your emotional intelligence as much as possible.

 We need to think about all the ways others may interpret the messages we are sending.

 Something that may sound innocuous in your head could come across as aggressive or dismissive through a text message.

 It also becomes much harder to know if your coworkers are going through a difficult time or experience if you cannot physically see them.

 This is why it is important to try and empathize with them and reach out to them privately if you think they need some assistance.

 Having an emotionally intelligent workforce can save you from several security concerns while remote working and data protection.

 One of the biggest threats to remote working IT security is phishing scams.

 It has been found that workers with higher emotional intelligence are less likely to be tricked by the messages connected to phishing scams.

 In the end, being empathetic will always have a positive outcome on your organization.

 It increases the trust between management and staff while increasing productivity and ensuring the security of your data.


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