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Welcome to part three in our series about signs you may be a micromanager.

 While micro-management can be a detriment in traditional working environments, it is more of an issue when dealing with a remote workforce.

 Today we will take a look at a few more signs that you are micro-managing your employees and the effect it can have on your organization and even have an impact on your remote working IT security.



Inflexible Instructions

Inflexible Instructions

One of the worst things you can do to your team is not allowing them to think for themselves.

 While there is definitely a need for guidelines to be in place, often allowing your team to think critically about the problems they face will lead to the quality of your output increasing.

 If you are a micromanager, this may seem like a scary prospect, especially when remote working and data protection.

 You may be used to providing incredibly detailed instructions with threats of punishment if they are not followed to a tee.

 This is the kind of attitude that can lead to security concerns.

 A well-educated workforce can be trusted to think for themselves when it comes to remote working IT security.

Sometimes quick decisions need to be made to keep your data secure.

 Foster this type of thinking to make sure the correct choices are being made.



Pressure to Perform

Pressure to Perform

Most studies in recent years have found that working remotely leads to increased output and productivity.

 With so many organizations adopting a remote working model now, managers are starting to notice this too.

 A micro-manager is likely to become enamored with this uptick in metrics and attempt to continue its growth.

 You have to be careful with this kind of thinking as you can easily break your employee’s work/life balance.

 Putting too much pressure on employees working remotely can have serious negative effects.

 It can cause depression, burnout, and even encourage them to take on illegal unpaid overtime.

 Employees that are burned out can be a serious remote working IT security risk.

 You need to use your full attention to stay safe remotely!


Back-To-Back Meetings

Back-To-Back Meetings

I’ve said it before, a micro-manager is almost always the kind of person that asks us how they expect their employees to get any work done if they cannot physically watch over them.

This is simply not true.

 Remote workers are far more productive than their in-office counterparts according to several studies.

 One way we have seen micro-managers attempt to regain their physical visibility into what their employees are doing has been to schedule a ludicrous number of meetings every single day.

 Not only does this cut into independent working time, but it is also a drain on the mental wellbeing of remote workers.


Need Help?

Need help protecting your data?

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