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Welcome to part two in our series about signs you may be a micromanager.

 Micro-management can lead to a number of issues when dealing with a remote workforce.

 In the previous installment, we talked about rapid response time, troubleshooting dependency, and time measurement issues.

 Today we will take a look at a few more signs that you are micro-managing your employees and the effect it can have on your organization and even have an impact on your remote working IT security.


Suppressing Ideas and Insights

Suppressing Ideas and Insights

Because remote working and data protection leaves many employees alone and away from their colleagues, many will begin to feel isolated and ignored.

 This drop-in morale can have a serious effect on productivity and your employee’s mental health.

 A micro-manager is used to shutting their workers down.

 They typically only care about their own opinions and look down on anyone who thinks that they know better.

 Instead, a good remote manager should do everything they can to open a line of communication with their team.

Be sure to encourage workers to voice their suggestions and concerns.



Locked Decision Making

Locked Decision Making

One of the most common reasons that someone becomes a micro-manager is because of their leadership insecurities.

 Because of this, they often try to appear strong by stripping workers of as much autonomy as possible.

 Due to the nature of remote working, this is certainly unsustainable and could lead to some remote working IT security concerns.

 When employees feel like they have to do something one way and one way only, they are more likely to make a mistake for fear of upsetting their manager.

 It discourages people from thinking critically and solving problems on their own if possible.


Unnecessary Monitoring

Unnecessary Monitoring

One of the best pieces of software you can use while running a remote workplace is called activity monitoring software.

 This allows managers to check in on what employees are doing and can be a great metric for ensuring compliance and limiting liability.

 Micro-managers have been known to abuse this software, however.

 This can lead to many privacy concerns and a massive breach of trust.

 Depending on how the micro-manager is using the software it could even be considered a crime.

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