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Welcome to part two in our series on some of the ways that you can break out of your micromanaging habits and create a safer and more productive remote working environment.

 After all, it is never too late to become an empathetic leader, even if you have to do it digitally.

 In our previous series of daily posts, we discussed all of the telltale signs that you might be a remote working micro-manager.

 Throughout, we discovered just how bad that can be for your organization.

 From a decline in productivity to serious concerns for your remote working IT security.


Make Use of Asynchronous Communication Software

Make Use of Asynchronous Communication Software

One of the most talked-about applications of 2020 has got to be Zoom.

 This highly discussed video conferencing software is what is known as an asynchronous communication tool.

 This is because all of those involved in the call is speaking to one another at the same time in the same place.

 Less talked about, but still incredibly important in a remote working and data protection environment, is asynchronous communication software.

 This includes instant messaging applications like Slack for example.

 This is called asynchronous communication because users do not need to be on the application at the same time to communicate with each other.

 This can be a difficult method of communication for a remote working micro-manager.

 Typically this is shown by mandating employees to respond to asynchronous communications as soon as they come in.

 Instead, a good remote working manager will understand remote workers should be granted the ability to develop their own schedules and work structure.

 After all, if there is no office, why do you need to be strict about office hours?

 At the end of the day, work should be about results, not how fast you can type a message to your supervisor.

 As a bonus, many of these asynchronous communication applications have remote working IT security built directly into them.

 In combination with our Remote Working Helpdesk services, you will be well on your way to a safe and productive remote workplace.





Need Help?

Need help protecting your data?

Device breakdown and data loss can be devastating especially when remote working.

While preventative measures can help minimise the damage, it is not a substitute for expert intervention.

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