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Welcome to part three in our series on some of the ways that you can break out of your micromanaging habits and create a safer and more productive remote working and data protection environment.

 After all, it is never too late to become an empathetic leader, even if you have to do it digitally.

 In our previous series of daily posts, we discussed all of the telltale signs that you might be a remote working micro-manager.

 Throughout, we discovered just how bad that can be for your organization.

 From a decline in productivity to serious concerns for your remote working IT security.


Your Workers Are You: Communicate With Empathy

Your Workers Are You: Communicate With Empathy

While it may sound cheesy, you are your workers and your workers are you.

 Especially when remote working and data protection, this needs to be your mindset when you are communicating with the members of your team.

 Micro-managers, especially when remote working, can tend to see their staff as cogs in a machine.

 They focus so heavily on metrics that they lose track of the human element needed in a good manager.

 While this may have been able to slide while working in an office, it is more likely to backfire when remote working.

 As we have said numerous times, there are many IT security concerns associated with remote working.

 When a team member is feeling beaten down or burned out they are far more likely to make mistakes.

 As these build up you are just waiting for the day a major data breach will occur on your watch.

 When you communicate with empathy, your team will trust and respect you more.

 They won’t be afraid to come to you with their errors and mistakes.

 Your productivity will rise and your remote working IT security will remain secure.

 Not only that, but you will have happier employees.

 Happier employees will produce higher quality work.

 It really does pay to treat others as we would treat ourselves.


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Need help protecting your data?

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