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In our previous series of daily posts, we discussed all of the telltale signs that you might be a remote working and data protection micro-manager.

 Throughout, we discovered just how bad that can be for your organization.

 From a decline in productivity to serious concerns for your remote working IT security.

 In this new series, we are going to explore some ways that you can break out of your micro-managing habits and create a safer and more productive remote working environment.

 After all, it is never too late to become an empathetic leader, even if you have to do it digitally.


Granting Independence A New Structure For Success

Granting Independence: A New Structure For Success

As discussed in the previous series, a micro-manager is someone who wants their team to depend entirely upon them.

 This is likely because having a team of employees rely on you is a great feeling, but it is one that can have ruinous effects on an organization in the long-run.

 To ensure you are running the most productive remote working office, you need to grant your team more autonomy than you may feel comfortable with.

 To a degree, you must allow them to manage their work without your complete control.

 Make sure you maintain communication, however, as abandoning your team completely can also have adverse effects.

 Try to provide resources to encourage personal growth and give advice when asked.

 Doing this will allow your workers to grow as individuals while increasing their productivity and work quality.

 By nature, this increase in worker quality will lead to better outcomes in your remote working and data protection IT security plan.

 The most important thing you can do is be a guide for your team when they need it and allow them to make their way as long as they are showing results.

 Be accessible, supportive, and willing to step out of the way when the situation calls for it.


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