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How to Stop Being a Remote Working Micro-Manager – Part 2

Welcome to part two in our series on some of the ways that you can break out of your micromanaging habits and create a safer and more productive remote working environment.  After all, it is never too late to become an empathetic leader,…

38 Billion Dollar Remote Working Lesson From Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

Like most people engaged in extramarital affairs, Amazon’s billionaire founder Jeff Bezos thought his affairs were secret. Little did he know he was been spied upon. He found out when he received ransom demands. One will imagine, Mr. Bezos being the richest man in the world would have the most secured security details. But like most people, Mr. Bezos never imagined anyone was interested in his private life. He discovered how wrong he was to the tune of thirty-eight billion dollar divorce bill. Are you making similar mistake right this moment with your data security?

Remote Working Data Protection Strategies

Imagine this scenario. You switch on your computer at the start of your work day. What you see is a blank screen staring at you. This is deadline day for the submission of an important project you have been working on for months. Your client’s business depends upon it. Your reputation depends upon it. What would you do? Device breakdown is one of the key challenges most people face when remote working. But before discussing the blank screen nightmare scenario further, let’s discuss the precautions you could take to prevent a disastrous outcome if you were ever faced with such a scenario.
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How To Know Your Computer Has a Virus

As many of us are now working from home it is more important than ever before for you to take your IT security seriously. Viruses are dangerous enough when you are only worrying about their effect on your home computers and other personal…
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Remote Working Computer Virus Removal Solutions

A boot sector virus is one of the most dangerous viruses that a user could come across on their computer. This type of virus infects the Master Boot Record (MBR) of hard disks. The infected code runs every time the system is booted from…
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Remote Working IT Security Assistance For Small Businesses

As a business, your organization likely handles a fair amount of information that needs to be handled with extreme care. It seems we cannot go a month without hearing embarrassing stories of data being leaked while the organization that…

What Is Remote Working IT Support?

With remote work becoming more and more common, you have likely found yourself reading about a number of different terms that you are not entirely sure of their meanings. Among these terms, you have likely come across something known…