Remote Working IT Security Helpdesk

Romeo has been my business consultant since the start of my practice. Helping me develop my business strategy and assisting with implementation. When he pivoted into IT security, I did not hesitate to acquire his services because I knew the level of service to expect.
Once again as I expected, I am experiencing exceptional customer service.

Remote Working Helpdesk

Work securely anytime, anywhere on any devices

We help you SECURELY access data anytime, anywhere on any device, protect your data from breach and recover lost data. Repair broken device & provide 24/7 tech support giving you a much-needed peace of mind your data is in safe hands.

We help you prevent, protect and recover from data breach

You will never need us until that day when you DESPERATELY need us.

We help

facilitate remote working from anytime, anywhere on any device

We protect

data from being hacked, lost or stolen & recover lost data

We collect

and repair damaged devices (computer/phone)

We provide

FREE loan device while yours is being repaired

We remove

website virus & malware. Prevent website hacking & speed up slow websites

Small Business Remote Working Tech Support

Securely access your data on multiple devices anytime, anywhere.
No more stress about computer breakdown. We will collect your broken computer for repair, provide you a loan replacement.

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Data Loss Prevention & Recovery

No more data loss. Your data saved automatically as you work and lost data recovered. No more data breach. Your data protected with advanced threat protection software.

Computer Repair Service

Imagine your morning coffee spilling on your computer just when you were about to start work. Now, imagine receiving a replacement within an hour!

Email hacking optimized

Email Hacking Prevention & Virus Removal

Your privacy is your fundamental human right. No one should be allowed to take that away from you not even through your email. We scan your emails for malware before they enter your in-box.

Website Hacking Prevention & Virus Removal

Your website contains confidential documents and intellectual property. Website viruses could eliminate your competitive advantage. Don’t let that happen to your business.

Remoting working IT support
girl mobile phone Hack

Phone Hacking Prevention & Malware removal

No one will ever spy on you through your phone. We will scan your phone for spyware or malware and decontaminate it.

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Low Cost

Lower IT cost

Low cost, low risk, highly reliable alternative to costly IT support contracts.

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Real Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring

24/7 real-time monitoring of your devices.

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Staff Training optimized

Staff Security Awareness Training

We provide cyber awareness training FREE of charge to clients.

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24/7 Support Service

24/7 troubleshooting, regular software updates and security patch management.

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